Used Boats for Sale in Charlotte, NC: Used Centurion, Supreme & Cypress Cay Pontoon Boats

At Upstate Marine, we have a large selection of new and used boats. Our used boats for sale are an excellent alternative for individuals on a tight budget searching for a good deal. We have experienced and certified boat specialists at Upstate Marine who guarantee that all of the used boats we sell are in outstanding condition. When you buy a used boat for sale in Charlotte from Upstate Marine, you never have to make a sacrifice in terms of quality.

  • Used Wake Boats in Charlotte

    Upstate Marine can provide you with a fantastic price on used wake boats from industry leaders like Centurion and Supreme. Wake boats have always been focused on producing spectacular waves and wakes, and with our used alternatives, you can rest knowing you received a fantastic value for your money. Purchase a used wake boat from Upstate Marine and learn how it may improve your boating adventures.

  • Used Pontoon Boats in Charlotte

    When you purchase at Upstate Marine, you can take advantage of the opportunity to acquire your own pontoon boat on a budget. Our used pontoon boat alternatives in Charlotte provide all of the benefits of a pontoon boat at a reasonable price. With a repair shop on site in Charlotte, you can be confident that each of our yachts for sale has been declared seaworthy and in line with the other boats at the marina. In our used inventory, we also have fantastic brands like Cypress Bay Pontoons.

  • Used Boats in Charlotte

    Various boat types are available in our used boat inventory. While boats have developed over time, boaters still have basic requirements that must be satisfied in every boat. If you’re searching for a basic boat designed for your needs, Upstate Marine in Charlotte will help you locate the right nautical fit. When you acquire a used boat from our inventory, you can keep your costs low and your enthusiasm high.

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At Upstate Marine in Charlotte, NC, we make sure that all of your nautical needs are attended to and taken care of. Whether it’s buying a new/used boat, trading one in, addressing repairs, or acquiring items for enhanced fun and safety on the water from our pro shop, we can ensure you are covered. Our helpful staff is eager to address your questions and concerns about any of our products, programs, and services. Simply call, email, or visit us at our Charlotte, NC boat dealership.

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